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October 2014 Archives

Driver faces felony DUI charges in connection with fatal crash

It was before dawn on a recent Saturday when the South Carolina Highway Patrol was called to the scene of an accident. When troopers arrived, it was discovered that an 82-year-old man had suffered fatal injuries and passed away at the scene. Another driver was taken into custody and is now facing felony DUI charges in connection with his death.

Teacher facing DUI charges, child endangerment

A recent incident in Lexington County has led to the arrest of a teacher as she pulled into the parking lot of a local elementary school. The story has led to a great deal of outrage in the community, especially as the woman was also charged with child endangerment for having given a student a ride to school on the day of her arrest. As of the time of this report, she is facing serious DUI charges, and could lose her position as a South Carolina teacher.

Spartanburg Police Officer Charged with DUI

A recent car crash has led to criminal charges for one South Carolina police officer. The 36-year-old man is employed as an officer with the Spartanburg Police Department. While there are few details available concerning the incident, it appears as if a one-vehicle car accident led to the man's arrest on DUI charges.  

Sentencing in South Carolina felony DUI case

When an individual makes the decision to drink and drive, he or she creates a high level of risk for each and every person encountered while on the road. When an accident takes place, a drunk driver will be held accountable for the choices made leading up to the incident. This is the case for one young man who was recently sentenced in a felony DUI case in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

Traffic stop leads to serious DUI charges

When South Carolina residents choose to have a few drinks, the choices that follow can have life-altering consequences. One of the most dangerous acts that anyone can undertake is attempting to drive a vehicle after drinking. Alcohol often leads to poor judgment, and the inability to accurately measure levels of risk. This leads many otherwise rational and responsible individuals to make the decision to get behind the wheel of a car or truck. The result is often DUI charges.

Goose Creek Police Officer Charged with DUI

Being accused of drunk driving is a serious event for anyone. For those who hold a position in which their primary focus is serving the public, such a charge can be devastating. South Carolina residents place a great deal of trust in the officials tasked with looking after public safety. When one of those individuals faces DUI charges, that trust is threatened.

Felony DUI charges after woman hits moped, injures rider

South Carolina police have arrested a woman believed to have struck and injured a moped rider while driving under the influence. The incident took place on a recent Thursday night in West Ashley. Upon initial reports, it appears that the woman encountered a moped driver, and a collision resulted. As events progressed, the woman was ultimately faced with felony DUI charges.

Will new law cause more people refuse to take a breath test?

Prior to Oct. 1, the cost of a DUI conviction took a toll on an individual's financial, personal and professional life. Now, those costs could go up.  A new DUI law went into effect in South Carolina requiring certain people convicted of drunk driving to use an ignition interlock device.  Some officials are concerned that this will mean that more people will refuse to take a breath test when they are suspected of driving under the influence. 

South Carolina coach charged with DUI

Even before the invention and the popularity of the cell phone, there were many distractions in a vehicle. Some people are distracted simply by the conversations of other people going on around them. Such distractions could potentially lead to erratic behavior that could even cause some people to assume the driver is under the influence of alcohol. It is unclear if this could be the case after a woman in South Carolina was arrested and charged with DUI.

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