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August 2014 Archives

Can you really be charged with boating under the influence?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Boating under the influence (BUI) of alcohol or drugs is a crime in South Carolina. A rise in fatal boating accidents in recent years led to changes in both federal and state laws to make it illegal to be impaired while driving a boat.

What should I know about blood alcohol tests in South Carolina?

Here in South Carolina, many people have had to face DUI charges, and many more will in the future. Those who do may know how seriously the crime is considered, though they may not know about related aspects, such as how sobriety is determined. While field sobriety tests are often utilized, tests that measure blood alcohol content are frequently used to determine if a person is inebriated. The results of these blood alcohol tests may be used in criminal proceedings, so it can be beneficial to know what they are, how they work and what it might mean for a person’s case.

South Carolina man taken into custody for alleged DUI

Being charged with DUI can be a definite low point in someone’s life. As a result, they may look upon that mistake with regret and hope that they can find the best legal routes that could help them navigate their situation. Doing research regarding their particular DUI circumstances and exploring their options could help them make the choices that they feel is most beneficial.

20 Year Old Man Charged with Felony DUI

When a person in South Carolina is faced with a DUI charge, he or she may not be aware of just how seriously these types of cases are considered by prosecutors. The prosecution will typically use any available evidence in an attempt to obtain a conviction, which could result in fines, probation, revocation of one's driver's license or even incarceration. Those who are charged with felony DUI have the potential to face particularly harsh punishment if they are found guilty. This is what one young man is facing after he was charged with felony DUI for a fatal accident he allegedly caused.

South Carolina man arrested for DUI, assault

A South Carolina man was recently arrested after authorities claim that he assaulted a state trooper. In addition to the assault charge, he has also been accused of DUI. It is unclear what led police to determine that the driver had been operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Man faces DUI and child endangerment charges in South Carolina

Getting accused of driving while intoxicated can be alarming and even embarrassing. The person who faces DUI charges, however, has the right to defend himself or herself against the formal accusations. One man recently found himself in this scenario after being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in South Carolina.

Man facing DUI charges for "driving" lawnmower

In many cases, the events that precede an arrest for drunk driving fall along predictable lines. Individuals in South Carolina and elsewhere make a number of decisions between having a drink and operating a motor vehicle. There are instances, however, in which DUI charges can follow a different set of choices. Such may be the case for one man who finds himself facing a DUI charge after “driving” a riding lawnmower in the western United States.

Woman charged with DUI that damaged multiple parked cars

South Carolina readers may be aware of media coverage surrounding an unusual drunk driving arrest in Socastee. The story is rare in that it centers on an arrest made after an automobile accident, and with the alleged driver in a different location than the wrecked vehicle. Faced with DUI and other charges, one woman is in the beginning stages of what may turn out to be a complicated legal battle.

DUI charges only the beginning for this mother

When a South Carolina resident is arrested drunk driving charges, a number of actions are set into motion. He or she will have an immediate need to take a legal stance, beginning with whether or not a release from jail can be obtained. Beyond that, it is necessary to create legal strategy to handle the DUI charges, and to attempt to mitigate or avoid the serious punitive measures that accompany such charges.

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