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Does DataMaster provide inaccurate results?

Every situation involving drunk driving charges is different from the next. In addition to the differences, some DUI cases are more challenging than others. These cases may require very careful research and very pointed and specific arguments. One of these types of challenging cases is when drivers are suspected of driving while under the influence and the blood alcohol content testing shows they have a BAC of higher than .15 percent.

South Carolina legislators rewarded for harsh DUI initiatives

As previous posts in this blog have discussed, there are certain legislative measures that have been pushed to pass this year. Many of these measures concern the consequences that individuals face after they are charged with a DUI. Two of these initiatives -- Emma's Law and a bill known as H. 3191 -- have earned their advocates accolades from the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving, also known as MADD.

Young South Carolina driver facing 2 counts of felony DUI

Anyone's life can change in an instant. The change may be for the better or for the worse and there are many different situations that can lead up to or cause this change. When residents of South Carolina consumes alcohol and then gets behind the wheel of their car they may not realize that, if they have consumed more than legally allowable, their life may be about to take a turn for the worse.

Woman facing felony DUI charges after striking moped

Many previous postings in this blog have discussed the varying levels of severity of drunk driving charges. When a driver is charged with driving under the influence, it is often a misdemeanor. However, under certain circumstances the charges may be upgraded to a felony. Those circumstances may be one or more of the following:

South Carolina man facing two felony DUI charges

Readers in South Carolina that have seen previous postings may believe that there are not many situations scarier than facing a criminal charge for drinking while driving and causing an accident that led to either the severe harm or death of another individual. This may very well be true. A South Carolina man that is currently facing two felony DUI charges may be experiencing this very fear.

South Carolina Breathalyzer law will not be applied retroactively

Legislation involving drunk driving is an ever-changing area of law in many states. The changes many states are contemplating involve the installation and ignition interlock devices and other consequences that result when a driver is charged with a crime and convicted for drunk driving. In 2009, the state of South Carolina passed legislation stating that a Breathalyzer test must be administered within two hours of a driver's arrest.

South Carolina police officer charged with drunk driving

Many residents of South Carolina likely assume that police officers are only on the issuing side of DUI charges and never on the receiving side. However, this is a false assumption. Police officers are not immune from being charged with a crime and when they are it may have a very negative impact on their reputation and career. This is why drunk driving charges that have been pressed against a member of the police force should be taken very seriously and handled very carefully.

South Carolina accident ends in felony DUI charges

As residents of South Carolina who have read previous postings in this blog are likely aware, driving while under the influence of alcohol can come with some very severe consequences. In South Carolina, the legal limit for a driver's blood alcohol content is .08. If a driver is pulled over by authorities or is involved in a car accident and their BAC is over this legal limit, they may face charges for drunk driving.

Man that crashed into police car now facing drunk driving charges

Many residents of South Carolina may know that it can sometimes be scary to be accused of committing a crime, especially if the act that resulted in the charges was committed on accident. That is the case for a South Carolina man who accidently struck the back end of a police cruiser. He was not only penalized for allegedly causing a car accident, but also for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol. The man is now facing drunk driving charges.

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