Bars and stripes forever? South Carolina DUI patrols this weekend

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For many people, the Fourth of July is a highlight of summer. The holiday is viewed as a great way to celebrate the country’s founding alongside friends and family. After all of this revelry, however, South Carolina residents may want to do their best to avoid facing legal penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Throughout the state, officers from the South Carolina Highway Patrol and local departments will be on high alert. In other words, cops will do everything they can to make DUI stops and arrests.

One of the tactics used by law enforcement will include checkpoints on heavily traveled roads and in tourist areas. This means that every vehicle on a particular road will be stopped by authorities, regardless of whether or not drivers are exhibiting “suspicious” behavior. Understandably, this strategy may seem patently unfair, but it’s not an uncommon measure.

Keeping this in mind, drivers may want to take a few steps to avoid facing time in jail. Police will specifically be checking driver’s licenses and whether or not people are wearing seat belts. As such, ensure both things are in place while behind the wheel to avoid unnecessary trouble. Additionally, it’s best for individuals to find a sober ride home if they plan to consume alcohol.

Even if drivers feel they are being cautious about drinking and driving, it’s possible to inaccurately estimate the situation. In order to defend against the specter of time behind bars, it may be best to explore all available legal options in the wake of a drunk driving arrest.

Source: Columbia Police Department, “Columbia Police to conduct safety checkpoints over holiday weekend,” July 2, 2014

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