4th of July DUI Checkpoints: What You Need To Know

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Due to its reputation as the deadliest holiday weekend of the year, law enforcement in the Charleston area and throughout South Carolina set up DUI checkpoints before, during, and right after the 4th of July weekend. While the goal of these checkpoints is to promote public safety, it is all-too-common for police officers to be a bit over-eager in their desire to protect people. When this happens and the rules regarding DUI checkpoints are not followed, it’s innocent drivers who suffer.

So what should you do if you’re stopped at a DUI checkpoint or on suspicion of DUI while driving elsewhere on the road during the 4th of July weekend? How do you make sure that you comply with the law but also protect your rights?

Most importantly, what do you have to do during a stop, and what are you allowed to refuse? Is there anything else that you should know about DUI law in South Carolina?

Read our full guide to see exactly what is allowed at DUI checkpoints and during DUI stops. Then, share that guide on Facebook to help us get the word out – we want the roads to be safe, but we also want the rights of South Carolina citizens to be protected!

After An Arrest – Act Fast

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If you’ve already been arrested, act quickly and talk to an attorney. The first 90 days after an arrest (typically how many days there are between your arrest and your first court date) are vital. The sooner you get a lawyer involved, the better your chance of keeping your arrest from affecting your job, your freedom and your future.

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