Your DUI could cost you your job: Defend yourself

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When you were pulled over by the police, the first concern you had was the impact a DUI could have on your life. You knew that you had been drinking and that questions would be asked. It was a mistake, but it was too late to go back and change what you did.

It’s important to know that a DUI can affect your work, but it doesn’t always. Depending on the kind of job you do, the need for a vehicle, your employment contract and other factors, you may or may not lose your job.

Why do people sometimes lose their jobs when they get DUIs?

Sometimes, people lose their jobs with a DUI. Some reasons for that include:

  • Having your license suspended and being unable to get to work or to drive for work
  • Having an employment contract that allows for firing if you get a DUI
  • Being unable to be covered by your employer’s insurance due to your DUI (this is particularly impactful if you drive for work)
  • Mandated reporting of arrests, charges and convictions to your professional board (such as for medical licensing or legal licensing)

It’s the unfair, but true, reality that doing something that you shouldn’t have in your time off can affect your work. That’s part of the reason why DUIs are considered to be some of the most expensive offenses to commit. DUIs can add up to thousands of dollars in losses, including costs associated with:

  • Losing your job
  • Fines
  • Court fees
  • Attorney fees
  • Alcohol addiction or substance abuse treatment
  • Bond
  • License reinstatement fees
  • Higher car insurance rates, if you can get insurance at all

Depending on where you are and the specifics of your case, you could see thousands upon thousands of dollars in expenses that were unexpected.

This costly mistake of driving while intoxicated can lead to trouble for you at work, socially and in your personal life. It’s smart to defend yourself from the moment of the initial traffic stop until your case is resolved.

What should you do if you’re pulled over by an officer after drinking?

The first thing to remember is that you don’t have to admit to drinking. You don’t have to do anything but give the officer your license and registration. You only need to roll down your window enough to give those items to them and nothing more. If you are asked to take a Breathalyzer test, you should know that it’s not mandatory, but failing to do so typically results in the immediate loss of your license.

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