As summer and the 4th of July approach, know your limits

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The summer, as well as the Fourth of July holiday, create a greater risk of people drinking and driving. Compared to other holidays, the Fourth of July ranks as the one of the worst DUI days of the year.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 1,339 drivers killed in crashes during the Fourth of July periods in 2015 through 2019. In 38% of those cases, the drivers who were killed were intoxicated.

These sobering statistics are why the NHTSA makes a point to have national campaigns each year. In 2022, you can keep yourself safer by listening to some of the important points that the NHTSA makes.

If you feel different, you drive different

The NHTSA makes the point that if you feel different, you’re likely to drive different. Even if you’ve had a small amount of alcohol, there is a risk that you may not be able to drive safely.

For example, look at how alcohol can affect you even below .08%.

  • At .02%, there is a marked decline in visual functions. People may also find it harder to perform more than one task at a time
  • At .05%, people have a harder time tracking moving objects, responding to emergency situations and steering. They also have reduced coordination, making it more likely that they’ll cross the center line or make an error

Since the legal blood alcohol concentration limit is .08%, some people think that they can’t face a DUI if they aren’t over that limit. The reality is that you can face a DUI at any BAC, which is why it’s better for you to find a sober ride home.

Sober ride options have grown

Over time, it has become easier to get to your destination without having to drive yourself. Use a ridesharing service, opt to take public transportation or call someone you know to get a sober ride home. If you can’t, stay where you are until you sober up, because deciding to drive puts you and other people at risk of serious injuries. You could also be stopped and face a life-changing DUI.

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