South Carolina drivers have to pay to drive with a BAIID

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There are numerous frustrating consequences imposed upon motorists who are convicted of impaired driving charges. Depending on the circumstances, individuals in South Carolina may end up sentenced to time in jail, ordered to pay large fines and forced to give up their driving privileges temporarily.

Losing one’s driving privileges can be a real source of hardship for not just the person accused but all of their immediate family members. In some scenarios, motorists may have to install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) in their vehicles after a drunk driving conviction.

Some drivers petition the courts to allow them to install a BAIID to regain their driving privileges when they would otherwise need to stay off the road. Others are subject to an order to install a BAIID as part of the penalties for their conviction. There are two expenses the state passes on to the motorists who have to install a BAIID in the vehicle.

There is a one-time installation cost

Drivers will have to cover the cost of installing a BAIID in the vehicle, which will usually cost around a hundred dollars. The exact dispense will depend on the model of the vehicle and the company someone chooses to use, as well as how many vehicles they want to legally drive while subject to a BAIID requirement. Offenders need to install a device in every vehicle that they will operate until the state lifts the restrictions on their license. Getting caught in a vehicle without a BAIID installed could lead to numerous secondary consequences for the motorist.

The device requires monthly maintenance

At least every 30 days, motorists with BAIIDs in their vehicles will need to have a scheduled maintenance appointment with the business that installed and monitors their BAIID. These maintenance appointments are necessary to update the unit as necessary, recalibrate it for accuracy and detect signs of tampering. The motorist will need to pay a fee for that monthly service call until the state allows them to remove the BAIID from their vehicle.

Obviously, it is more expensive and restrictive to drive with a BAIID than without one. Fighting back against impaired driving allegations is one of the most effective means of avoiding a requirement to install a device to perform breath tests every time someone who has been accused of impaired driving starts their vehicle.

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