DUI away from home: what happens if I get a DUI in another state?

If you are a South Carolina resident and get arrested for a DUI in another state, you may wonder about the legal implications and where you will have to face consequences—in the state where you got arrested or in South Carolina?

Firstly, if another state arrests you for a DUI, you must adhere to the laws of that state. Each state enforces its own laws and penalties for this type of offense, so you will have to deal with the legal proceedings and potential license consequences in the state that arrested you.

Out of state, out of mind?

Unfortunately, when you get a DUI in another state, it does not stay confined to that state’s borders. Almost all states are part of the Driver License Compact (DLC), which is an agreement to share information about traffic violations and license suspensions. The state where you got a DUI will report it to your home state, and it will appear on your driving record.

What happens when I return home?

The extent of the impact on your license in South Carolina depends on the laws of both states—the one where you got the DUI and your home state. South Carolina may act against your license privileges based on its own DUI laws, which could include suspension of your driving privileges, fines, and education programs.

Interstate Compacts and License Suspension

Some states are part of the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC), which allows a state to suspend a driver’s license in their home state based on offenses the driver committed in another state. This is another important consideration if you are dealing with an out-of-state DUI.

If you are facing an out-of-state DUI charge, it is essential to take the matter seriously, as it could affect your driving privileges in South Carolina and you might be subject to the laws in two different places. It is important to be knowledgeable about the legal implications of this type of situation.

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