Vick’s DUI case delayed for lack of impartial jury

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Previous postings in this blog have discussed the DUI charges being faced by South Carolina state representative Ted Vick. As was outlined in these previous posts, Vick was pulled over after an officer witnessed him stumbling while walking to his vehicle, which was parked in a garage. Once he got into his car to drive away. authorities pulled him over and then charged him with driving under the influence.

This is not Vick’s first DUI charge. A trial is currently underway for drunk driving charges that were issued against him about a year prior to the previously outlined incident. Unfortunately, Vick is still dealing with the aftermath of these initial charges. The case was recently delayed because the judge felt the jury did not contain enough impartial individuals for a fair trial.

The first DUI charges arose in May 2012 when Vick was pulled over for allegedly speeding. According to the officer, the car smelled like alcohol and Vick’s eyes were glazed over. Vick allegedly refused to participate in field sobriety testing, was arrested and then charged.

When a resident of South Carolina is charged with a crime, it should always be taken very seriously. The penalties associated with a conviction can be life-altering. Even if the alleged drunk driver is not convicted, this case shows the impact on the life of the defendant can be long-lasting. Vick’s initial charges arose almost 18 months ago and the trial has yet to begin.

In order to minimize delays and negative impacts on the life of the accused, it is often helpful to seek the counsel of a legal professional that has experience defending drivers accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Although the process can still take some time, it will most likely move faster and end in a better result with a strong defense team on your side.

Source: Independent Mail, “Jury problems delay SC Rep. Vick’s DUI trial,” Jeffrey Collins, Dec. 4, 2013

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