Mayor arrested after refusing to take a breath test

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Many South Carolina readers were surprised to learn that the mayor of a South Carolina town was arrested last month and charged with drinking and driving. Although the arrest took place in late November, news reports did not surface until well into December. According to police records, McColl Mayor George Ray Grier was arrested and charged with driving under the influence after refusing to take a breath test.

Reportedly, Grier was pulled over by police on the evening of November 29. He submitted to field sobriety tests, but when asked to submit a breath sample, the mayor declined. He was taken in, and released the following day on a personal recognizance bond.

The mayor responded to media coverage of the arrest by issuing a public statement. He was very straightforward in his comments, and stated that he simply made a mistake. Shortly before his arrest, he had been watching a college football game at a location about a half mile away from his residence. He had been drinking while out, but thought that he was sober enough to make the short drive home. He apologized for his actions and reiterated that no one should ever drink and drive.

The South Carolina’s mayor’s arrest is a reminder to us all that lapses in judgment are common, and that anyone can make a poor decision. When these things happen, however, it is necessary to take immediate action to address the matter. There is no word as of yet concerning how the mayor will respond to the charges against him, or whether his refusal to submit to a breath test will play a role in his defense in the matter.  

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