What is the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program?

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Did you know that one of the goals of the South Carolina government is to rehabilitate drunk driving offenders? This goal is accomplished by requiring those convicted of felony DUI to attend a statewide substance abuse program known as the South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program. Defendants must attend this program if they are convicted of driving or boating under the influence or if they are arrested under the zero-tolerance policy for blood alcohol content in drivers under the age of 21.

Is the program mandatory if I’m convicted of DUI?

Yes, it is. You must enroll in the program within 30 days of being convicted, or you could face serious penalties. Completing the program is particularly important for those who are eligible for provisional licenses because they cannot be obtained without completing the class. Provisional licenses are available to specific people who have been convicted of DUI but have the need to use their vehicle for work or other critical transportation needs.

What do I need to do to obtain a provisional license?

Several qualifications must be met for you to be considered for the provisional license. First, you must enroll in the Action Program, and you must have held a valid South Carolina license at the time of your arrest. Further, this must be your first DUI within the past 10 years, and you must pay a fee to have your license reinstated.

Does the program cost any money?

Unfortunately, there is a substantial fee associated with the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program. The cost for the base program is about $500, but treatment regiments prescribed by the program can reach $2,000. The entire program is limited to $2,500 by law.

Dealing with DWI convictions is difficult, but it does not have to be impossible. A knowledgeable attorney can help you navigate the Action Program, minimizing your personal costs and getting you back on the road. You, too, can take your life — and your license — back by participating in the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program.

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