What is a route restricted license?

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A route restricted license allows someone whose license has been suspended to drive to and from his or her place of education, education, Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program classes or a court ordered drug program. It is only for those who have a non-commercial license and it is for the length of the driver’s license suspension.

A person can get a route restricted license only once and only for the following types of suspensions:

— Alcohol violation

— Accident judgment

— Blood alcohol concentration

— Controlled substance

— False insurance certification

— Failure to stop for a blue light

— Implied consent or breath test refusal

— Misrepresentation of identity

Additional route restricted licenses can be obtained beyond one for the above suspension types for:

— Delinquent child support

— A first or second offense of driving under suspension within five years.

If someone is suspended for driving under the influence or for unlawful alcohol concentration, he or she is not eligible to receive a route restricted license. Those who are suspended for a first time DUI or unlawful alcohol concentration can apply for a provisional diver license if they have a South Carolina driver’s license, have no other suspensions, have enrolled in ADSAP classes and pay the $100.00 fee.

Once you apply for a route restricted license, The Department of Motor Vehicles will determine if you are eligible. If your application is approved, then a fee of $100 is required to obtain the license.

It can be somewhat confusing to know if you are eligible for one of these restricted licenses. An attorney can provide more information.

Source: South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, “Driver License Reinstatement,” accessed Oct. 07, 2016

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