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Columbia Police Department analyst refuses to take a breath test

There are serious consequences for South Carolina drivers who operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. If a driver is suspected of driving while intoxicated, the authorities may employ a breath test to determine the blood alcohol level of the accused. Consenting to these tests is not mandatory -- as one such instance shows -- but those who refuse to take a breath test can face another set of legal issues.

South Carolina man with DUI record refuses breath test

When a resident of South Carolina is charged with illegally driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there is always the potential for serious consequences no matter what the nature of the circumstances surrounding the charges. However, the circumstances surrounding the situation as well as the alleged drunk driver's criminal history, if any, can lead to an increased level of severity in the charges. Some of these circumstances might include a high blood alcohol content, refusing a Breathalyzer or causing an accident that leads to the severe bodily harm or death of another individual.

Driver in South Carolina flees police; refuses breathalyzer

As previous posts in this blog have discussed, sometimes the authorities of South Carolina will set up sobriety checkpoints or put extra forces behind finding and arresting alleged drunk drivers. When a driver happens upon these checkpoints, they may feel nervous and react in an unexpected manner. It is possible that this is what happened to a South Carolina driver that approached a driver's license checkpoint on a Friday morning.

Former South Carolina treasurer allegedly refused breath test

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the potentially reputation-damaging impacts that a DUI can have on an individual who is famous or is a public figure. Even if the person is no longer is a highly-visible position, it is not uncommon for them to still be scrutinized if they are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

South Carolina man refuses breathalyzer; charged with felony DUI

Celebrations on the Fourth of July often involve alcohol. Unfortunately, sometimes alcohol can make tempers rise and if an argument ensues, the emotions may be intensified while individuals are under the influence of alcohol.

South Carolina representative facing drunk driving charges

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs can have serious consequences for everyone involved. In addition to that, if a driver is pulled over for suspected drunken driving and refuses to take a breath test the consequences become incrementally more severe.

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