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Don't hesitate when you need a drunk boating defense

We recently discussed the importance of finding a designated driver for your boating outing. This is the only way that you can ensure you won't have to face a drunk boating charge. If you didn't plan ahead and are facing charges, you can take steps to start building your defense now.

The defense strategy you choose can have a big impact on your case. We can help you to look into the options that you have so that you know what you might do.

Alcohol and boating don't mix, find a designated driver

The warmer months of the year are here. People are turning out in droves to enjoy time on the waterways in the area. It is imperative that you ensure you are able to drive in a safe manner if you are going to handle the boat. One thing that you can't do is boat after you drink alcohol.

Boating under the influence is a criminal charge that has the same impacts on your life as driving under the influence. With a BUI charge, it is possible for you to lose your privilege to drive a boat. Other penalties are also possible.

Drunk driving charges must be handled quickly

A drunk driving charge must be dealt with swiftly. While you might be able to delay the criminal matter some, the administrative penalties have strict time limits for taking action. You should learn about your options and your responsibilities as quickly as possible so that you can determine what steps you need to take.

We can help you to evaluate the options that you have for your case. In some instances, you might not have an abundance of possible actions that you can take. It is still important that you carefully consider each option.

Learn how to answer matters based on breath test refusal

We recently discussed your rights for handling a request from a law enforcement officer to get a sample for a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. This provided you with some very important information. In a nutshell, you have the right to refuse to take a breath test, but that refusal comes with consequences. Sadly, the consequences of refusal apply even if it comes to light that you weren't intoxicated.

We know that this might not seem fair. We are here to help you determine what options you have for handling the consequences you might face for refusal. You don't have to try to get through it all by yourself.

Know your rights regarding blood alcohol concentration tests

You see the flashing lights behind you and know that you have to stop. The issue that you have now is that you know you've had a few drinks and you are worried about the Breathalyzer test. You know that you are going to have to decide how to handle the police officer's request that you submit to a test to determine your blood alcohol concentration.

The answer to this isn't one that is easy. You do have the right to refuse to take a test to determine your BAC; however, you can't do that without having to deal with the penalties that come along with it. You will face a suspension of your driver's license if you don't take the test when an officer requests that you do so.

Evaluate options you have for your DUI defense

As we have discussed in previous blogs, you have to take steps before you go out with friends to ensure that you won't face drunk driving charges. If you do have a few drinks when you go out with friends and didn't make plans to get home, you might end up facing drunk driving charges. We know that this isn't something you thought that you would have to face, but we are here to help you as you go through the process.

Drunk driving charges are rough because you face several different penalty possibilities. You might face losing your drivers' license, being incarcerated, having to pay fines or having to deal with other penalties. All of these penalties have a huge impact on your life. You might not be able to run errands or get to work. Fines might make it hard to pay your bills. Being incarcerated will pull you away from your job and your family.

St. Patrick's Day In Charleston: What Drivers Need To Know


Ready to celebrate St. Paddy's Day in Charleston? Check out these facts about the holiday before you go out, and remember to make responsible choices while you're having fun!

It's Not Even The Most Popular Drinking Holiday?

While most people associate St. Patrick's Day with drinking, it's only the fourth most popular drinking holiday in the United States. It falls behind New Year's Eve, Christmas and Independence Day/the Fourth of July. And that's just official holidays - it doesn't account for other days that see heavy drinking, such as Super Bowl Sunday.

What does this mean? While there is definitely an uptick in alcohol consumption on St. Patrick's Day, it's reputation as the booziest holiday is not deserved.

Things to do to avoid being charged with DUI

Once spring rolls around, one of the most important things college aged kids can think about is where they're going to go for spring break. As these young adults embark on their sun-filled vacations away from the safety of their home with mom and dad, their newfound freedom encourages them to engage in potentially risky behavior they otherwise may not engage in, like drunk driving.

Although, it's advisable that you don't drink at all, if you're going to do so, there are a number of precautions you should take. If followed, your risk of being potentially stopped for DUI go down considerably.

South Carolina man sentenced in fatal DUI crash

A Greenwood, South Carolina, man has been sentenced to 13 years behind bars for a fatal collision that occurred back in 2014 when he was intoxicated. The man was found guilty of two felony DUI charges -- one resulting in death and another causing great bodily injury.

He could have faced a sentence as long as 25 years for a fatal DUI. However, his 13-year sentence for the death and eight-year sentence for the injury will be served concurrently. A 27-year-old man died at the scene. A passenger in his car was hospitalized with severe lower-body injuries. The defendant was also hospitalized for his injuries. He was found to have a blood-alcohol content of .19, which is more than twice the legal limit.

South Carolina: what you should know about DUI statutes

South Carolina is a beautiful state with a long history. Its scenic waterways and other attractions make it a go-to destination for active outdoor adventures, as well as exploration of our nation's history.

With so much to draw you in, it is not surprising that so many people choose to visit the state. Unfortunately, many visitors neglect to look at the particulars of statutes like South Carolina's DUI laws, and that can derail a vacation for the unprepared.

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