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Senate to consider bill after recent DUI case

Many South Carolina residents are aware that the state has a number of outdated and somewhat ridiculous laws that remain on the books. Among these is the absolute prohibition of minors playing pinball; another forbids fortune tellers from setting up shop without a permit from the state. One unusual law has been brought to the attention of the public after the recent arrest of a sheriff under suspicion of DUI.

The case has been covered both here and elsewhere, and centers on an incident in December in which the sheriff of Berkeley County was arrested and charged with DUI. He was arrested by law enforcement officers in the normal manner. However, when the matter was brought before the county's magistrate, there was a question of whether that individual had the authority to set bond.

Felony DUI charge follows fatal pedestrian accident

Being involved in a serious car accident is difficult for all parties. While the bulk of attention always turns toward those injured in the incident and the family of individuals who lost their lives, the event can often be devastating to others who were involved. Such may be the case in a recent accident in South Carolina that ended the life of a young man with a promising future, and left another man with a felony DUI charge and a lifetime of knowledge that he is responsible for another family's tragic loss.

The accident took place in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday. A 23-year-old man, a recent Citadel graduate, was walking in the emergency lanes of I-26 when a vehicle stopped to offer assistance. Another vehicle approached the scene, and the driver swerved to avoid a collision with the stopped car. The maneuver caused the driver to strike the pedestrian instead, sending his body over the guard rail.

Sentencing for woman convicted in felony DUI case

When most South Carolina residents think of DUI, they think of drunk driving. While drinking and driving is a very common form of driving under the influence, there are others factors that can lead to felony DUI charges. One of the ways that drivers can be impaired is through the use of drugs, which is also considered a form of DUI.

A recent sentencing gives a glimpse into how law enforcement and the courts approach driving while under the influence of drugs. A 42-year-old woman was sentenced to 13 years in prison for her role in a crash that killed a high school student. In addition, she was also given four years of probation to be served after she emerges from prison. She had no prior convictions on her record, which likely led to the relatively light sentence.

DUI charges for driver that allegedly initiated chase

Multiple DUI offenses have potentially serious consequences for those accused of them. A South Carolina man was recently arrested for what was apparently his third charge for drunk driving, but authorities say that he first led them on a chase. He is now facing multiple DUI charges.

The driver was initially pulled over for what may have been an otherwise routine traffic stop, although the reasons behind it are not entirely clear. Upon the driver being asked to supply his information, the officer who initiated the stop claims that the driver took off, initiating a chase. Multiple highway patrol vehicles became involved.

Free agent Tyler Thigpen refuses breath test in South Carolina

Many people wonder about the lives of football players and other pro athletes. Some seem to have more money than they know what to do with, and their glamorous lives and families frequently attract media attention. Unfortunately, former NFL quarterback and current free agent Tyler Thigpen is receiving media attention for a recent DUI arrest and refusing a breath test in South Carolina.

The arrest happened in late November. Police claim they were responding to a call at a gas station when they noticed a sports utility vehicle pull into the drive-thru of a nearby restaurant. Officers claim they became suspicious after the vehicle remained in the same spot for approximately 20 minutes. When they approached the vehicle, they say they discovered Thigpen asleep with his foot resting on the brake.

Farmer to face DUI charges in South Carolina after fatal crash

Everybody suffers from a lack of judgment at one time or another. Many times, the consequences of these lapses are minor, though there are some instances where the consequences are deadly. One farmer is being accused of having a lapse in good judgment in a recent car crash in South Carolina. The farmer is now facing DUI charges.

The incident happened in late November just prior to 6 p.m. A 69-year-old man was driving southbound on the road. He had been hauling an attached header which may have been too wide for the lane. The header had allegedly crossed the center line into oncoming traffic.

Charged with boating under the influence? You can fight this

Most South Carolina residents are aware of state laws regarding driving under the influence. Those convicted of this type of activity may lose their driving privileges and face fines and/or jail time -- depending on the circumstances. Few people may realize that these same punishments can apply to those convicted of boating under the influence.

What is boating under the influence? Just as drivers of motor vehicles can be arrested for driving while intoxicated, boat operators can be arrested for the same. First time offenders will be required to pay fine and/or spend time in jail. Alternative sentencing can also be sought; in some cases, this would equate to public service in lieu of serving jail time. Subsequent offenses would increase fine amounts and jail terms.

South Carolina woman facing felony DUI charges following accident

A South Carolina woman is behind bars and is facing charges for an accident that occurred earlier this year. Local law enforcement officers claim this crash was the result of impaired driving. As one individual died and another was injured, the charges against her include a felony DUI.

According to the administrator at the Dillion Country Detention Center, the accused is being held on $200,000 bond and is waiting for future court dates regarding an incident that occurred in July. The South Carolina Highway Patrol claims this individual failed to yield the right-of-way, causing an on-duty police officer to collide with her vehicle at a high-rate of speed. The officer, who was reportedly responding to a call with lights and sirens on, couldn't stop in time and slammed into the accused's vehicle.

Strong defense strategies may be needed for DUI charges

This time of the year is known for an escalation in drunk driving accidents that commonly result in many people suffering severe personal injuries and even fatalities. In an effort to limit these tragic consequences, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) recently launched a campaign to enforce DUI-related laws. Similar to last year, SCDPS decided to name the enforcement blitz "Sober or Slammer!" It will run until the first day of 2015.

Motorists are encouraged to enjoy celebrations in a responsible manner by appointing a designated driver when attending festivities. However, drivers are warned that DUI checkpoints will be conducted, and enforcement efforts will be intensified. Authorities will not hesitate to arrest anyone who drives while intoxicated.

Man faces felony DUI charges after fatal car crash

South Carolina police were called to the scene of a terrible car crash on a recent Wednesday afternoon. A collision involving three vehicles slowed traffic in Spartanburg, near the intersection of East Blackstock Road and Arbours West Lane. Unfortunately, one of the drivers involved in the accident lost her life. Another was arrested and charged with felony DUI.

Police believe that a 43-year-old man was driving under the influence when his vehicle struck the back of another car that was stopped in a turn lane on East Blackstock Road. That collision pushed the turning vehicle into the lanes of oncoming traffic, which led to a head-on collision. The force of that collision led to injuries that ended the life of a 75-year-old woman.

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