South Carolina state representative avoids DUI charge

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A state representative for South Carolina is likely relieved at the news that one of two drunk driving charges against him has been dropped. Democrat Ted Vick has been fighting the charges, which stem from two separate incidents, even though he is not currently seeking re-election. Now that one of those DUI charges no longer stands, that fight may be significantly easier to manage.

The DUI charge that was dropped was the result of an incident that police officers witnessed last year. As Vick was exiting the Statehouse, he stumbled in the parking lot. Once inside his car, he struck a traffic cone, prompting the officers to pull him over. Vick’s attorney asserts that he stumbled because he had a rock in his show at the time, and was not impaired.

That charge was dropped by a judge because Vick was not on video when he was read his rights during arrest. The other DUI charge, which still stands, came after Vick was stopped by police for alleged speeding. Officers noted a smell of alcohol in the vehicle, and arrested Vick for DUI. There is no word on how he plans to address that charge.

With the news that one of these DUI charges has been dropped, Vick is likely breathing a sigh of relief. As this case moves forward, his legal team will work to find the best possible approach to the remaining charge, and will make every effort to reach a favorable outcome for the state representative. The matter serves as a reminder that there are many instances in which the proper legal response can lead to the dismissal of DUI charges. 

Source: The Post and Courier, “1 of 2 DUI charges dismissed against SC Rep. Vick,” Oct. 30, 2014

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