Teen facing serious DUI charges after fatal crash

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A recent car crash has ended the life of a South Carolina National Guardsman. The incident took place after what police say was a string of crimes committed by a 19-year-old man. He is now facing a range of serious charges, including DUI involving death.

The full details of the events that led to this accident are not yet known. However, upon early investigation, police believe that the series of events began with a domestic dispute between the young man and a former girlfriend. At some point in the evening, shots were fired. Because of the earlier altercation, the man is also charged with burglary, two charges of assault and battery, possession of a weapon in a violent crime and firing a gun within city limits.

In the end, the full range of charges included possession of marijuana, failure to stop for police lights and driving without a South Carolina license. The punitive repercussions for a conviction on these charges are severe and could include a significant amount of jail time. As this young man prepares to answer to the charges against him, his legal team will outline all of the available options.

In some cases, when the prosecution in South Carolina has a great deal of evidence against an individual, the best course of action is to work toward a plea deal. By accepting guilt for some part of one’s actions, it can be possible to avoid the harsher penalties that could follow a DUI and violent crimes conviction. In addition, when a young person is involved, sentencing can include substance abuse treatment, counseling and other measures that could help the individual make better choices in the years to come.

Source: wbtw.com, “SC guardsman killed in Florence crash; teen charged with DUI involving death”, Julie Roy, Oct. 29, 2014

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