Women charged shown on dash cam video

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In 2015, video cameras are ubiquitous. This includes dash cams, which are standard issue in police cars in many cities. One in Greenville, South Carolina, captured the extraordinary actions of a woman who has been charged with driving under the influence.

The woman was at first pulled over for a traffic stop. However, things allegedly escalated from bad to worse very rapidly. The woman is now faced with felony charges including attempted murder.

That charge was filed after she allegedly dragged an officer for 10 feet while futilely attempting to drive away from the scene. She also supposedly trapped another officer in the car. According to the police department, she also tried to take that officer’s gun from him.

The woman, 24, faces two counts of attempted murder based on her actions. She also faces a charge of kidnapping, three counts of possession for having controlled substances, a charge for failing to stop her vehicle for a blue light, and of course, a charge for driving under the influence.

The extraordinary series of incidents commenced at approximately 1:10 a.m. on a recent Friday. It happened at the intersection of East North Street and North Pleasantburg Drive.

The two officers involved went up to the driver side and the passenger side of the woman’s vehicle at the traffic stop. They asked her to get out of the vehicle, and she allegedly became uncooperative at that point.

The officer on the passenger side opened the door on that side to unbuckle the woman’s seat belt. She started the car and drove off with that officer still inside. The officer on the other side was dragged along for 10 feet, until the woman hit a pole and flipped the car.

Hopefully, most traffic stops don’t involve this much drama. It is best for anyone stopped for a DUI to cooperate with officers and then secure the best legal representation that he or she can get.

Source: WYFF.com, “Dash cam video released: Woman charged after driving off from stop, dragging officer,” Sep. 01, 2015

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