Field sobriety tests can produce false positive results

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Field Sobriety Tests

Taking a field sobriety test is one thing that police officers can ask drivers to do if they think a driver is drunk. The test, which is actually a battery of multiple tests, is supposed to clue the officer into whether the person is intoxicated. The issue here is that the tests aren’t always accurate.

People in South Carolina are in a catch-22 position with field sobriety tests. You probably want to take the test so that you can show that you are sober; however, in doing so you run the risk of a false positive. That is a hard position to be placed in.

If you opted to take a field sobriety test and failed it, we can help you to learn what options you have if you are now facing criminal charges. Taking a look at the reason for the traffic stop, the methods that were used for the field sobriety test, and what happened during your arrest are all crucial.

As we investigate your case, we will look for anything that was amiss. We can then use that information as part of your defense. If what we uncover is a civil rights violation, we could use that information.

We know that almost everyone understands why keeping drunk drivers off the road is important. When the desire to do that leads to officers arresting people who are sober, there is a problem. We are here to help people who were wrongfully arrested for drunk driving fight to prove their innocence and minimize the impact the charges have on their reputations.

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