“Sober or Slammer” Patrols In Full Force Labor Day Weekend

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Over Labor Day weekend, state and local law enforcement in South Carolina will be on high alert for drunk drivers. In addition to the usual attention that would be paid to roads around the state during this time of year, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety’s Sober or Slammer campaign will add increased patrols and scrutiny to drivers statewide.

2018 Updates

  • Sober or Slammer officially runs from August 17 through September 3 this year (2018).
  • This year’s Sober or Slammer theme is “Drink. Drive. Die.” and uses an image that is a combination of a crushed beer can and the smashed up front end of a car. This is a rebranding of the theme that the Department used during its Sober or Slammer initiative in 2013.

What Is Sober or Slammer?

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You’ve probably seen the billboards that this campaign has put up now or in past years. They attempt to be as edgy and eye-catching as possible in an attempt to raise public awareness about this issue. For example, in 2016 the Department made emojis a central part of their campaign. The use of emojis on the billboard was inspired by “Trooper Bob” (Sgt. Bob Beres of the South Carolina Highway Patrol) and his popular Twitter account that frequently uses these symbols. Trooper Bob actually makes an appearance in the video that goes along with this billboard.

While these ads provide a public service and are entertaining at the same time, they also underscore an unfortunate fact. Police are looking to pull drivers over with extra enthusiasm this weekend.

Why is this important? Because being pulled over, and even being arrested on suspicion of DUI, is NOT automatic proof of guilt. The state is still tasked with proving any case against a driver they suspect was under the influence of alcohol, and drivers have every right to fight against a conviction.

What You Need To Know This Labor Day Weekend

If you’re going to be on the road this Labor Day weekend, make good decisions and stay safe. If you find yourself caught up in Sober or Slammer checkpoint or are pulled over any other time, get help immediately so that you can keep the situation from spiraling out of control and affecting you and your family for years to come.

Some additional resources that you may find helpful this weekend include:

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