Alcohol and boating don’t mix, find a designated driver

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The warmer months of the year are here. People are turning out in droves to enjoy time on the waterways in the area. It is imperative that you ensure you are able to drive in a safe manner if you are going to handle the boat. One thing that you can’t do is boat after you drink alcohol.

Boating under the influence is a criminal charge that has the same impacts on your life as driving under the influence. With a BUI charge, it is possible for you to lose your privilege to drive a boat. Other penalties are also possible.

Boating under the influence are taken very seriously because alcohol is more dangerous on the water than it is on the land. When you combine the effects of the water and the sun with the effects of alcohol, you end up with a trifecta that can make a person less able to function after consuming alcohol than what they would be if they were on land and consumed the same amount of alcohol.

If you are planning on heading out on a boat, make sure that you have a designated driver for your time on the water, as well as the drive home. If you don’t have anyone who can handle those duties for you, it is best that you leave the alcohol alone.

People who have been charged with a boating under the influence charge should be prepared to work hard on a defense strategy. This is a charge that can your life in a host of ways if it ends in a conviction.

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