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The holidays are a time to party and have fun with your friends. This might include partaking in alcoholic beverages. If this is the case, you need to plan carefully to avoid facing legal charges. You need to ensure that you have a safe way to get home after the party. You should also understand what you are facing if you don’t have any way to get home and have to drive yourself home.

Police officers around the country, including those throughout South Carolina, take drunk driving very seriously. Many departments increase patrols and look for drunk drivers more around the holidays. This isn’t because they want to ruin holidays for people. Instead, it is because they want to keep the roads safe for everyone.

In their quest to keep the roads safe, these police officers might end up stopping people for a suspicion of drunk driving when the drivers aren’t actually drunk. This could pose a big problem for the drivers because they might end up facing bogus charges.

We understand that you might feel angry that you are facing unwarranted criminal charges for drunk driving. We can help you to plan your defense according to the circumstances of your case. One thing that might be possible is to call the results of the blood alcohol tests into question. We can look into how and when the test was administered, collected and processed.

Ultimately, you have to decide how you want to handle your case. Even when you think that a breath test error is a factor in your case, you still need to look into other defense options.

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