The SR22: Insurance coverage after a DUI

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Many different impacts can come from a drunk driving conviction. You probably know about the time in jail, the driver’s license suspension, the fines and other similar points. What you might not be prepared for is the increase in the insurance premiums that you have to pay if you plan on driving a vehicle.

In South Carolina, you have to get proof of SR22 insurance if your driver’s license was suspended or if you are convicted of a DUI. You will have to carry this special insurance for up to three years.

There are three types of SR22 endorsements that are possible in this state. One is the operators-owners certificate, which is issued if you need to drive vehicles that you own and ones that are owned by others. Another is the owner’s certificate, which is only valid when you are driving a vehicle you own. The last is the operator’s certificate, which only covers you if you are driving vehicles that you don’t own.

If you are required to carry SR22 insurance, you can expect to pay higher premiums than what you were paying before. You can’t let this coverage lapse because any lapse is reported to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. You might also find that it is hard to find a company that will issue this type of policy. Drivers who require an SR22 are considered large risks for the insurance company.

As you can see, drunk driving charges can impact your life in many ways. It is imperative that you work to understand these before you make any decisions regarding your defense.

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