Managing car insurance after a DUI

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Most people know that a DUI will affect them by resulting in criminal charges and possible penalties. One thing not many discuss is the possibility of your insurance costs increasing to a point where you can’t afford to pay for it or to drive your vehicle.

After a DUI, insurance rates go up because you’re not considered to be as safe of a driver. The insurance company weighs the risks and decides if you’re a safe enough driver to continue to insure. If you can still get insurance through your provider, then you’ll need to look into how much this new plan will cost. It’s likely to be higher than you expect.

A DUI has the potential to hike your insurance rate up hundreds of dollars or more every year. In fact, Coverhound states that insurance rates go up an average 94.13 percent after a DUI. For someone already paying $125 or more a month on insurance, that’s a high price to pay. Those who paid less, $50 or $75 a month, have less of a financial impact, but it’s there nonetheless.

After the first year passes, there is a possibility of your insurance premiums reducing, especially if you receive no further tickets or violations on your driving record. The third year following your DUI, your insurance will likely still be higher, but only by around 63.47 percent, according to Coverhound.

What should you do if you face a DUI and subsequent increase in insurance expenses?

Insurance costs aren’t the only expenses following a DUI, but they’re an expense that will impact you for years to come. A single mistake is likely to haunt you, which is why a defense against the DUI is important to your case.

DUI defenses range from defending a person’s reason for being behind the wheel while intoxicated to questioning the legitimacy of the traffic stop. Through a series of questions and investigations, a defense can be built up to protect you against a DUI conviction. Even if a conviction is likely, there may be ways to have the DUI charge dropped to a lower charge, which could help you mitigate the possible financial impact of your DUI. There are many angles to look at with any DUI case, so understand exactly what you’re charged with and how it may impact your life. Once you know that, you can begin to look into ways to protect yourself.

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