DUI traffic stop questions: These may be on your mind

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If you never drink alcohol and drive, you never have to concern yourself with being arrested for this crime. However, this alone isn’t good enough, as it’s always possible an officer could pull you over for suspicion of DUI.

Here are a few of the most common DUI traffic stop questions, all of which can help you better understand what will happen and how to protect your legal rights.

  • What is the legal blood alcohol limit? If your blood alcohol content level is .08 percent or higher, the officer will consider you to be driving under the influence of alcohol. This will also lead to your arrest.
  • How do police determine if you are under the influence of alcohol? There are many ways for them to do this, including the use of field sobriety tests. Along with this, a chemical blood alcohol level test typically comes into play if you fail a sobriety test.
  • Are you required to do what the officer tells you? You can refuse to partake in field sobriety tests and a chemical blood alcohol level test. However, doing so will impact your defense strategy, so it’s important to make a decision based on the circumstances surrounding your situation.
  • Are DUI checkpoints legal? You’re not excited about the idea of driving into a DUI checkpoint, but these are 100 percent legal. You have the right to turn around before going through a checkpoint, but don’t break the law while doing so.
  • What happens next? If the officer arrests you for driving under the influence, you’ll be taken to a local police station for processing. Conversely, if it’s found that you are not under the influence and didn’t commit any other crime, the officer will let you go on your way.

The one thing you should never forget is that a DUI charge does not always result in a DUI conviction. There are steps you can take and strategies you can use to prevent a conviction and the consequences associated with it.

Fighting back in court is your best bet, as penalties for a DUI conviction can range from license suspension to a fine to prison time. Once you understand your legal rights, you’ll know what to do next.

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