The 4 most common DUI questions

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It’s common for those who are facing DUI charges to have many questions and concerns about the law. If this is your first time facing DUI charges, it’s likely that you will be worried about the possibility of having a criminal record and not being able to drive for a long amount of time.

Therefore, it’s important that you take the time to understand the law, and how you will stand the best chance of defending yourself. The following are the four most commonly asked questions regarding DUIs.

Can I lose my job if I get a DUI?

Getting a DUI can affect your life dramatically. Since you will likely not be able to get behind the wheel for six months or more, you may not be able to get to work. It is possible that you will get fired for having a DUI. Most commonly, these firings are made against an employee who is public-facing, or an employee who is absent from work due to their DUI.

What happens if I get charged with a second DUI?

Being charged with a second DUI will almost certainly lead to tougher consequences. You will have a high likelihood of facing jail time.

Should I plead guilty?

Whether you decide to plead guilty is up to you. Depending on your circumstances, it may be beneficial to plead guilty so that you can gain a plea bargain or settlement agreement. However, if you are convinced that you are innocent and you have a strong defense, pleading innocent will likely be worthwhile.

What evidence can be used against me?

A combination of circumstantial and direct evidence can be used against you when you have been accused of a DUI. Direct evidence will likely come in the form of results from a Breathalyzer test. Circumstantial evidence could come from police officers or other witnesses noting that you were acting in a way that gave reason to suspect that you were intoxicated. You have the right to dispute any evidence made against you in court.

If you want to take action to defend yourself against a DUI accusation in South Carolina, make sure that you proceed as soon as possible so that you can form a strong defense.

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