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If you have more than one prior DUI conviction, you’ll be facing serious consequences. You’ll have your drivers’ license revoked, and you may even be struggling to hold down a job as a result. Your DUI charges could have impacted your reputation among your family and friends, and you may be feeling more isolated than ever due to these charges.

If the previous DUI penalties did not stop you from drinking and driving again, you should consider other ways that you can prevent this type of dangerous and destructive behavior. One option is to give up alcohol completely, but those with alcohol dependence may not trust themselves to stay sober for a long period. This is why ignition interlock devices (IIDs) can be a useful tool that can prevent additional convictions and can save lives.

How do ignition interlock devices work?

The device is affixed to the ignition of the vehicle. In order to operate the vehicle, the driver must first take a breath test to measure their blood alcohol content. If the ignition interlock device detects alcohol, the ignition will be disabled and the car will not start.

Are ignition interlock devices enforced on those who have been convicted of a DUI?

State laws give judges the discretion to decide whether an ignition interlock device is necessary. They can be useful and effective for helping drivers get back on the road faster. For example, a driver may be allowed to use an ignition interlock device for a portion of the period in which their drivers’ license would otherwise have been suspended.

Ignition interlock devices are never the only penalty after a DUI conviction. In addition to having an ignition interlock device fitted, offenders must also complete jail time or probation, and pay certain fines.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in South Carolina, look into the possibility that an ignition interlock device could get you back on the road faster.

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