Avoid drunk driving on Halloween with these tips

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Halloween is approaching, which means that there is going to be an increased risk of car crashes due to drunk driving. With so many Halloween parties and events going on, it’s more likely that there will be alcohol around you.

Remember, even one alcoholic beverage could impact your ability to drive safely. When there are going to be children around the roads, people walking to Trick or Treat and to attend events, it’s even more important for drivers to remain sober. Even being a little buzzed could lead to life-altering consequences.

Between 2013 and 2017, 42% of the people killed in traffic collisions on Halloween were involved in crashes where drunk drivers were present.

What can you do to be safer during this Halloween?

This Halloween, you have an opportunity to avoid drinking and driving. Some of the best tips you can remember are to:

  • Plan to stay at a person’s home if you’re celebrating Halloween and drinking there.
  • Stop drinking well before you need to leave an event if you do plan to drink. Remember, on average, your body will eliminate one alcoholic drink per hour. If you drink one, it’s best to wait one or two hours before you even consider driving home.
  • Avoid driving if you can. Take a taxi, walk to the event or have a designated driver available. That way, you can eliminate the possibility that you’ll be the one driving home, especially after you have alcohol.

Halloween is a fun holiday, and it’s a great time to dress up and have parties with those you care about. Unfortunately, drinking and driving can put a damper on your night and could end up leading to a serious, or fatal, car crash.

This year, remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving. If you’re going to consider drinking at all, call at taxi, ride service like Uber or get a ride. Drinking is completely acceptable, but you have to make plans to get home safely. Doing that will help you protect the people in your community, make you a great role model and prevent serious crashes, injuries or deaths from occurring.

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