Remember these points for your holiday festivities

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With the holiday season here, people may start to go out and socialize more than usual. It’s imperative that anyone who’s going to drive understands that they need to avoid alcoholic beverages. Enforcement for drunk driving increases around the holidays.

The best thing you can do if you think that you will consume alcohol at a holiday party is to ensure that you have a way to get home safely. This can be taking a rideshare, having a designated driver, using public transportation or finding out if you can just sleep off the alcohol at the house where you are.

Know your limits

While people who drink often will be able to tolerate more alcohol, those who don’t will feel the effects with less alcohol. It’s imperative that you know your limits if you’re going to drink, even if you aren’t planning on driving.

One of the impacts of alcohol is that it will have you think that you are invincible. You may take risks that you wouldn’t normally take. This can lead to you thinking that you’re able to drive safely when you really cannot.

Be sure to eat

Eating food isn’t going to help you avoid intoxication but it may help you to feel better if you do drink. You can also opt to alternate a non-alcoholic beverage with an alcoholic beverage. Remember that alcohol isn’t the sole purpose for the holidays. Instead, it is a way to complement the festivities.

Remember that you can’t speed the metabolization rate of alcohol

There is no way that you can speed up how fast alcohol leaves your system. There are no quick fixes. The only way that you can rid your body of alcohol is to allow it to happen naturally. Cold showers, caffeine and similar measures won’t help to reduce the blood alcohol concentration.

If you’re facing drunk driving charges because you partied a little too much before you headed home, you should work closely with your attorney to determine what defense options you have. There might be time limits to some options, so be sure you handle this quickly.

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