What impact will a DUI have on your car insurance?

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The police in South Carolina are constantly on the lookout for drunk drivers. When they suspect someone of driving under the influence (DUI), they will likely pull that person over to talk with them. If the officer still feels suspicious after that conversation, they may ask the driver to exit their vehicle and perform a field sobriety test, possibly followed by a chemical breath test.

Those who perform poorly on a field sobriety test or fail a chemical breath test might face arrest and DUI charges. After pleading guilty or getting convicted in court, you may face fines, jail time and the loss of your license. There will also be other penalties outside of the courtroom.

Typically, you can expect to pay substantially more for your car insurance after a DUI.

Your driving record determines what you pay 

When the insurance company quotes a rate to insure your vehicle, they base what they charge you on your statistical risk of causing a crash. Everything from your age and sex to your driving history influences how much you need to pay.

Those with blemishes on their driving records often have to pay more because they have a higher risk of making bad driving decisions again in the future. Impaired driving, in particular, can result in drastic increases in what you will pay for insurance.

According to data from insurance companies, your premium will increase by about 40% after a DUI conviction in South Carolina. The average annual policy costs for a driver without a DUI on their record is $1,414, but that amount surges up to $1,980 after a DUI conviction. That is hundreds of dollars more every year until the offense comes off of your driving record.

Financial issues can be a good reason to fight a DUI

People think that fighting a criminal charge is expensive, but pleading guilty can cost even more in the long run. When you understand all of the potential expenses you could suffer after a DUI conviction, you can make a more informed decision about how you respond to those pending charges.

Fighting back against a DUI charge could save you money and also protect your earning potential by avoiding a criminal record.

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