Do you know the most dangerous DUI days of the year?

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Drunk driving is a persistent issue in the United States, and it is one that can cause serious injuries or deaths. Those who are caught driving while impaired may also face significant penalties and have their lives disrupted because of alcohol.

DUIs are more common during certain times of the year. Why should that matter? If you want to know when it’s most likely that the police will be patrolling for drunk drivers or you are concerned about your own safety on the roads, then these days are some where you may want to remain at home.

The deadliest season is approaching

Did you know that summer is the time of year when a larger proportion of drunk driving crashes with fatalities happen? Around 29% of all drunk driving fatalities occur in the summer. A particularly dangerous time is the week leading up to the Fourth of July, because it’s then that people are more likely to travel and visit with friends or go to events where drinking is common.

To help yourself during this season, remember that not driving drunk is essential. Catch a cab, call a rideshare service or walk to your destination if you have to get there and have been drinking.

Your actions could help save a life

If you are drinking during the summer or a holiday, remember that your actions could help save lives. Stop others who are with you from driving if they are impaired. Take away people’s keys if they’re drunk, so they can’t get into their vehicles and drive away when they’re done at the bar or event.

Book a ride in advance, so you have a way home before you ever get to the destination. Even better yet, take a taxi or cab to the event or activity, so you have to take one home or get another ride with a sober driver.

If you do end up driving with any alcohol in your system, remember that you could be pulled over and charged. Taking steps to avoid this will help you keep your record clean and the roads safe.

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