Will I lose my job if I get a DUI?

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When you’re stopped and accused of driving while impaired, it can be extremely frustrating. On one hand, you know that you have the right to defend yourself. On the other, you know that these charges can start impacting you before you’re ever found to be guilty.

If you are at risk of getting a DUI, then you should know that job loss is one possible outcome. There are some employers who will not retain employees who have DUIs. There are also employers who will not hire people with DUIs on their record.

How do you know if your job is at risk?

Your job could be at risk if your employer has restrictions on criminal charges or convictions in your employment manual. For example, if they say that anyone who is convicted of a DUI will be terminated, then you should keep that in mind. You may not want to talk to them about your charges unless you are required to do so, because you still have an opportunity to defend yourself successfully.

Another time your job may be at risk is if you are someone who drives for work. If so, your personal or commercial license may be restricted or revoked. Additionally, you may not be able to get the insurance you need.

Many employers who hire drivers will not keep employees with poor driving records, DUIs included. They don’t want to risk looking bad in the eyes of the public and don’t want to eat the costs of additional insurance fees.

The only way to know if your job is at risk is to be clear about your employment requirements

You’ll know that your job is at risk if your employer has been clear about a DUI policy or if you discuss your situation and they tell you that a conviction will result in your termination. Unfortunately, many employers won’t hire people with DUIs on their record, but not all is lost if you do get a DUI. Some employers will still hire those with DUIs in their history, so it’s still possible to move on and work a successful career despite one.

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