As summer turns to fall, remember these DUI tips

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Summer is here, which makes it a fantastic time to enjoy boating and going to festivals with friends and family. Between July and the end of the year, the availability of alcohol really increases as people start participating in tailgate events, head to recreational activities, go out to enjoy the water and have other events come up.

No matter what you do, you need to remember that it’s possible to get a DUI if you’ve had anything to drink and decide to get behind the wheel. To help protect yourself and those you care about, now is the time to talk about setting up a designated driver or paying for a sober ride home.

Tailgating? Avoid open containers and DUIs

Tailgating gets more common as football season kicks off, so be prepared for a safer ride home by not drinking and avoiding any open containers in your vehicle. Open containers, as well as as little alcohol as that in a single drink, could lead to DUI charges if you’re stopped by the police.

Boating? Know the rules on the water

If you’re going boating, remember that not all lakes allow alcohol on board. Additionally, the driver should never drink alcohol while behind the wheel, just like on land.

Meeting up at an event? Schedule a ride home

When you’re meeting with work colleagues or heading to an event where you plan to drink, schedule a ride home to make sure you can get there safely. If you can’t be sure you won’t drink, hailing a cab or using a ridesharing service is the better option.

These are a few things to keep in mind as the season moves forward. Good preparation can help you avoid an arrest and DUI.

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