The serious problem with using an energy drink as a mixer

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One of the reasons that people enjoy alcohol so much is because it is a central nervous system depressant. It can help people change their perception of the world and make it easier for them to socialize in some scenarios. However, alcohol can also make people sleepy.

To counteract the sleepiness often induced by alcohol consumption, some people use energy drinks as mixers for their alcoholic beverages. Those who consume such cocktails may be at elevated risk of impaired driving charges after imbibing.

Caffeine masks the effects of alcohol

The simple reason why using energy drinks and other highly-caffeinated beverages as a mixer with alcohol can lead to drunk driving charges is that the caffeine may make it easier for people to overlook their own intoxication. Since they don’t feel sleepy, they assume that they can still safely drive.

Additionally, many people believe the urban legend which claims that caffeine is a cure for alcohol intoxication. A cup of coffee won’t help someone sober up any faster, and caffeine mixed with alcohol will not in any way diminish the impairing effects that alcohol will have on that individual.

Smart drinking habits can reduce someone’s risks

Anyone who chooses to consume alcohol could eventually find themselves facing allegations that they violated the numerous restrictions the state imposes on such consumption. Impaired driving charges are among the most common criminal accusations related to alcohol consumption. Therefore, motorists who are aware of the risk can adjust their alcohol consumption and transportation habits to protect themselves against the possibility of arrest and criminal charges.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20. Many people end up unintentionally breaking the law through mistakes such as relying on caffeine to counteract the alcohol they have consumed. The good news for those recently arrested in a situation involving allegations of impairment at the wheel is that there are numerous viable defense strategies that people can employ to defend against drunk driving charges.

Seeking legal guidance in order to discuss pending drunk driving charges can be a good starting point for someone who has been accused of an impaired driving offense and is hoping to avoid a conviction.

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