Summer heat can increase DUI risk for some drivers

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South Carolina tends to see a very hot and humid weather throughout the summer months. Many people who have lived in the state for years to come accustomed to the often-oppressive summer heat. They probably have a few preferred tactics for staying cool.

For many people, enjoying a frozen cocktail or a chilly beer is the ideal solution to beat the summer heat. Particularly during holiday celebrations and family get-togethers, people may quench their thirst with alcoholic beverages. That decision could be a bit riskier than the average person realizes. In some cases, the drinks that someone enjoys to cool off might put them at greater risk of a driving under the influence (DUI) charge.

It is very easy to over-indulge

One of the main reasons that drinking to cool off during the summer can be risky is that people may throw back more drinks than they normally might. For example, someone cooking at a family barbecue might finish off multiple beers before they finish their service at the grill. Even a few cocktails during a round of golf could add up to far more than what someone can safely drink before driving. People who think they might be okay to drive could end up stopped by police and arrested for DUI offenses.

Dehydration could affect someone’s choices

The summer heat creates a variety of risks, including the risk of heat stroke and extreme dehydration. If someone has multiple alcoholic beverages while in a dehydrated state, the alcohol that they ingest might technically worsen their level of dehydration. Additionally, the signs of dehydration could potentially serve to mask someone’s chemical impairment. The woozy feeling that often comes with having too many drinks could seem like a warning sign of heat exhaustion instead.

People might worsen their circumstances by drinking more or finishing their drinks rapidly in the hopes of resolving their dehydration symptoms. Warmer weather does not necessarily make someone capable of tolerating higher levels of alcohol. It still takes approximately an hour per drink to metabolize the liquor, beer or wine that someone consumes.

Unique circumstances can increase the risk of a DUI arrest but can also play a role in DUI defense strategies. Nevertheless, connecting warmer summer weather with the increased risk of a DUI arrest could benefit those planning to indulge in a cold alcoholic beverages after a long hot day, as they’ll be able to make more informed decisions about their intake.

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