3 reasons a DUI could cost someone their job

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Some people get arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) charges at the scene of motor vehicle collisions. Others get arrested at checkpoints or because the police officer pulled them over due to their behavior at the wheel.

After a DUI arrest, a motorist is likely to feel quite anxious about the future. They may worry about what charges might mean for their reputation and their finances. Many people fear the possibility of incarceration. Others worry about the potential to lose their driver’s licenses.

Some people primarily worry about their employment. They fear that they could lose their jobs or have career issues after a DUI conviction. In some scenarios, people very well might lose their jobs because of a DUI offense.

When they need a CDL

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) requires training beyond the standard driver’s education course required for a traditional license. There are also much stricter rules for maintaining a CDL than a basic driver’s license. A variety of different traffic infractions, including impaired driving convictions, can make someone ineligible for a CDL for a year or longer in some cases.

When they drive for work

Many different professionals have to perform a small amount of driving for their jobs. Others may drive regularly but do not need a commercial license because they can drive a standard passenger vehicle. Whether someone drives their own vehicle or a company fleet vehicle to perform job functions, driving might be a common job obligation. If they lose their license, they can’t perform those crucial job functions. Additionally, employers may refuse to insure someone at work when they have a DUI on their record because of the costs involved.

When their employer has a zero-tolerance policy

Employers sometimes include special clauses in employment contracts or handbooks that allow them to fire workers in certain scenarios. Some companies include provisions prohibiting criminal convictions while working for the business. If the company finds out about a DUI conviction, a convicted worker could lose their job. Even if they don’t lose their job, the conviction might turn up when they undergo a background check in pursuit of a promotion or a new job elsewhere.

The best way to prevent a DUI charge from damaging a career is to fight against the charges successfully and avoid a conviction. Learning more about state law and defense strategies with the assistance of a skilled legal team can help people decide how to respond after a DUI arrest.

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