Deputy fired after DUI arrest in Aiken County, South Carolina

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Not too long ago in our Charleston DUI Law Blog, we wrote about how drunk driving charges can have an effect on career opportunities. In that post, we discussed the firing of a Tabor City assistant fire chief after he was charged with a DUI. This week, in Aiken County, South Carolina, a sheriff’s deputy was fired immediately after he was arrested for drunk driving.

Drunk driving charges can affect those who do not work in public service as well, particularly those whose jobs involve driving company vehicles. And of course the driver’s license suspension that immediately accompanies a drunk driving arrest can severely impact all types of employment and other responsibilities.

The Aiken County case took place early Wednesday morning when an off-duty sheriff’s deputy was stopped for speeding in his own vehicle. During the stop, a Wagener police officer reportedly thought that the deputy smelled like alcohol.

He asked the deputy to submit to several field sobriety tests before ultimately arresting him on DUI charges.

The deputy was fired by the sheriff’s office immediately after it became aware of the charges.

According to the Aiken Standard newspaper, a sheriff’s department spokesman explained: “”We are paid to enforce the law, and when we violate the law, we have to suffer the same consequences as everyone else.”

This may well be true, but as we have noted before, the failure of a field sobriety test does not mean someone is guilty. These tests are not a perfect science. They are subjective. Simply because someone is arrested on DUI charges does not mean he or she is guilty of DUI. It is often possible to question the evidence, under the counsel of an experienced DUI defense attorney, and arrive at a suitable outcome.

Source: Aiken Standard, “Sheriff’s Office fires deputy after DUI case,” Karen Daily, June 21, 2012

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