Late night golf cart ride leads to DUI charges in South Carolina

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When most people think about getting pulled over for driving under the influence, they may believe it only happens in vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans. However, that is not always the case. A person operating a variety of motorized vehicles while under the influence of alcohol can face DUI charges.

An example of this type of situation recently occurred in South Carolina. A deputy was arrested during the early hours of a Saturday morning for allegedly driving a golf cart while under the influence of alcohol. He has been charged with DUI and operating an uninsured vehicle.

In South Carolina, DUI convictions are accompanied by automatic driver’s license suspensions. The suspension duration depends upon whether there have been previous offenses. The first offense is generally a six-month suspension but there are possible provisional driving privileges. A second offense generally means a one-year suspension. If the second offense occurs within 10 years of the first, there are no provisional driving privileges. The third offense is a two-year suspension without provisional driving privileges and a fourth offense results in permanent revocation of a driver’s license.

In addition to automatic driver’s license suspensions, there are other possible consequences depending upon the nature of the charge. If the driver has a commercial driver’s license, they may risk the loss of that license. If they have professional licenses, these may also be at risk.

Because of these potentially serious consequences, when facing drunk driving charges it is always important to have a strong DUI defense strategy. A strong defense will take the necessary steps to fight the automatic suspension as well as the other penalties.

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