Motion to dismiss drunk driving charges denied

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Previous postings in this blog have discussed the charges faced by Ted Vick for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. In the most recent previous posting, readers were informed that Vick’s attorney was arguing that the representative should not be charged with a crime due to a technicality in the way he was read his Miranda rights.

The lawyer’s argument is that he was not Mirandized in accordance with the requirements set forth by the law and therefore should not be charged nor convicted.

However, according to a Richland County magistrate, the case involving the drunk driving charges that have been pressed against Democratic representative Ted Vick will move forward. The judge disagreed with Vick’s attorney’s argument and therefore did not grant the motion to dismiss the charges.

Although the judge has denied Vick’s motion to dismiss, the good news is that he has a DUI defense attorney on his side. When residents of South Carolina are charged with a crime that involves drinking and driving, it should always be taken very seriously. A conviction for this alleged behavior could mean potential consequences of a severe and long-lasting nature for the defendant.

It is important for those that are facing drunk driving charges to understand that they are not required to speak to the police without a lawyer present and they should not let the police nor the prosecution intimidate them into answering questions or pleading guilty. It is the state’s job to prove that a defendant is guilty and with the right defense team this may be an unachievable goal for the prosecution which would mean a much more beneficial outcome for the defendant.

Source: WIS, “Judge denies motion to dismiss Ted Vick’s DUI charge,” July 6, 2013

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