Breath test cases can be difficult, but not impossible to win

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Drunk driving is a serious matter in South Carolina, and it is something that is not taken lightly by local law enforcement. Those suspected of DUI are often subjected to a variety of tests which may include the standard field sobriety tests, breath and/or blood-alcohol tests. When reviewing breath test results, many may feel they are indisputable, but that is far from the truth.

The DataMaster is a type of device used to conduct breath tests in South Carolina. While officers are permitted to use portable Breathalyzers, the result from these devices are not admissible in court. Results from the DataMaster, on the other hand, can be used in court proceedings. While a breath test may seem straightforward, there are actually a number of things that can skew results. Some of these include talcum powder from air bags, gastric reflux, medications and even asthma.

Those who have been arrested and charged with DUI based on breath test results may feel there is little they can do. An attorney who understands how breath test machines function, possible problems with these devices and all the factors that can affect test outcomes can help fight the test results in court. To learn more about how an attorney can help fight your high breath test result, please visit our Charleston High Breath Test Lawyer page.

The potential consequences of a DUI conviction in South Carolina can be damaging to a person’s professional and home life. Even though breath test results are widely used when filing formal charges, inaccurate readings can occur. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you fight DUI charges by taking the time to investigate every detail of your case, including reviewing and disputing breath test results. Doing so can often help achieve a positive outcome, even in cases that may seem ironclad at first glance.

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