Student killed in pedestrian vs vehicle accident, driver arrested

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A Coastal Carolina University student was killed recently as he attempted to cross S.C. 544 on an early Saturday morning. A 31-year-old man from Conway has been arrested and charged in the student’s death.

The student was from Averill Park, New York, and was hit by a vehicle at about 12:45 a.m., according to the chief deputy coroner. The police in Conway responded to the accident and located the victim, but the driver and vehicle that struck him was not on the scene. A sergeant with the Conway police said that the man returned in the vehicle shortly after police arrived.

The man faces multiple charges, including driving under suspension, license not suspended for DUI, first offense, felony driving under the influence, death results, and hit and run, according to a lieutenant with the Conway Police Department.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol MAIT team and the Conway police are continuing their investigation into the crash.

The president of the university is forming a 544 Safety Committee to explore options for improving pedestrian and student safety. There have been several steps taken in the last few years in hopes of creating a campus that is more pedestrian-friendly. Crosswalks and traffic lights have been added in some locations, speed limits have been reduced and a shuttle service has changed its schedule so that students have more access.

If you are facing charges for driving while intoxicated, especially if there was an accident involved, it’s important that you obtain legal advice. An attorney can help you learn about the possible options for your defense strategy.

Source: The Sun News, “Man charged with hitting, killing CCU student faces more charges,” Elizabeth Townsend, Nov. 01, 2016

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