How can you beat a breath test?

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If you search for ways to beat a Breathalyzer test, you are going to find tons of results. At this point, it is important to remember that these theories are all pretty bogus because there really isn’t a way that you can beat a breath test.

Before you decide that you don’t need to know anything more about Breathalyzers, you should check out these questions and answers. They could give you an idea about how your defense strategy might need to be handled.

Will covering the alcohol smell work to beat the breath test?

There are many myths about breath tests that exist. For example, trying to cover up the smell of alcohol won’t work. Alcohol’s smell isn’t the issue here, the ethanol is. Ethanol is odorless, so popping breath mints won’t help. In some cases, breath mints or mouthwash could make your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) appear higher than what it really is because of the alcohol that is present in some of these.

Will drinking or eating impact the breath test?

It is unlikely that eating or drinking will impact the results of the breath test. The alcohol in your body has to metabolize, which can’t be sped up by eating or drinking.

Can holding my breath affect the test?

In theory, holding your breath can affect the results of the test. Getting this done isn’t easy. You have to hold your breath immediately before the test and you need to be able to do this without the officer seeing what you are doing. It is unlikely that you will be able to pull this one off.

So, how can I defend myself against a Breathalyzer result if I can’t beat the test?

If you can’t beat the breath test, you can certainly call certain aspects of it into question when you are developing your defense. The calibration of the machine, the administration of the test, any medical conditions you have been diagnosed with and other factors might be useful for this.

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